The KULT is the ruling black lord in the Goosoniqueworx menagerie of high-gain demon-from-hell distortion pedal line-up. It’s possessed and possesses two channels – green and red – the red being considerably more foreboding than the green which I would rate as medium to high gain.

You get a three-band post-dirt EQ, two pre-dirt EQ options, a Presence/Feedback mini toggle to tame the darker humbucker and enough gain to make the dead bleed. It’s fiercely tight with a crushing bottom end and it loves (and craves) a very clean tube amp channel (hence my use of the mighty Laney VH100R’s clean channel).

The KULT has a slightly less vicious little brother, The 7thvn, which you can also see and hear on this channel at However, it too is no slouch in the gain department as Goose is a BIG fan of all things lava, Diezel, Bogner, etc. He has paid them all a just and fitting tribute with these two face melters.