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Before (This is what you get from unexperienced people – poor wiring and pot values way out of specification)




The word is out on having a proper wiring harness installed to get the best out of your pickups and overall reliability and tonal improvement.

We are seeing an increase in parts suppliers shelling out pre wired harness with upgraded parts just to supply the market demand.

strat harness

strat pio

But do you know what is best for your guitar ?

We offer the BEST solutions with no extra charges to guide you in getting the best option available in the market.

What you get …


1 Exceptional volume control without sacrificing high end frequencies.

2 Smoother tone roll-off.

3 More defined and clearer signal path.

4 Potentiometer resistance matching (+-2%) for balanced control.

5 A selection of tone capacitors to match your guitar type and pickups.

6 Period correct wiring and materials.

7 High quality parts and construction for trouble free performance.

8 Custom switching options.

9 EMI Shielding for background noise and interference reduction.

10 Push Pull Pots

11 Coil Splitting

• Capacitance leakage fix

• Noise Cancelling

• Pickup Installation (electric & acoustic)

• Preamp, EQ, Shielding

• You imagine it, we do it!

Contact us for your wiring needs.

Prices start at $45