Introducing Ceriatone Custom Shop Amplifier Shop Singapore’s ONLY authorized dealer and service centre. High Quality Equipment at affordable prices.

As an authorised Custom Shop, We offer Ceriatone at SAME PRICES AS ONLINE! Here is the difference:

  1. You don’t risk buying online
  2. No dead on arrivals as ALL amps are 100% tested and checked before we deliver to you
  3. Only ones that can offer effects loop (Only available through us)
  4. You get an authorized service center with full warranty
  5. All prices are exactly the same as online
  6. We are located in the City and in the East for easy access

All hand wound transformers, point to point wiring, all over engineered old school amp for a true to the soul authentic quality vintage tone!

All 100% quality workmanship guaranteed.

Call us for custom options including send and return effects loop (Only available through us) and CUSTOM COLOUR TOLEX options.