Some of our work include:

  • 6L6 to EL34 Coversion
  • Adding an Effect Loop
  • Overdrive Channel
  • Channel Bridging
  • Harmonic Distortion
  • Hum Reduction
  • Rectifier Failsafe
  • More Warmth
  • Fender More Gain
  • More Midrange
  • More Treble
  • Champ Quiet Heater
  • Champ Tweedifying
  • Silverface to Blackface Conversion
  • Reissue Reverb Units
  • Reverb Enhancement
  • Hotrod Champ
  • Hotrod to Princeton
  • Princeton “Prince-O-Wails”
  • Clean Deluxe Reverb
  • Twin Reverb
  • Fender Blues Junior
  • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
  • Fender Hot Deville
  • Cream Switch
  • Marshall More Gain
  • Dynamic Response
  • 2205/4210
  • JCM800 Warmth and Brightness
  • Peavy Classic 30

Below is just a sample we do on the Fender Blues Junior

From the factory, this small size wonder has a lot of potential. It is also affordable and the right size for home, small gigs and studio use. But sadly has issues that make some turn away from this little gem. Lets look at a few…

1 The biggest issue with the Blues Junior is that it sounds small and boxy.

2 The next issue is the bass performance. The low notes are fuzzy and indistinct.

3 The fixed resistor output tube bias, tends to run the amp too hot.

4 Most export amps here are wired 230V, not the required 240V. This causes all kind of problems from sounding limp to overheating issues.


With GworX mods, not only gets it more reliable, the Blues Jr. gets close to some of the finest boutique amps on the market. After the mod, the amp boasts clean, sparkling top end, a huge sweep of mids and rich bass response and most importantly, huge HEADROOM!

The smooth, slightly compressed tube breakup stays articulate thanks to improved power filtering and upgraded tone caps.

Complete Modification Spec:

  1. Input and Tone Stack – Replace the cheap and whimpy Bass and Mid signal path with corrected stake of values and components smoothing and stabilizing the signal only using the highest quality WIMA / Vishay Sprague components. (Not all Spargue are the same quality as we have tested and we only use the BEST!) What this does is open up the tone, and removes the thin, boxy stuffy sound creating a sweet warm tone tom complement your guitar. On top of this we remove the cheap inferior and poor quality ceramic caps with high quality Silver Mica caps throughout the signal path. If you know anything about electroinics silver mica are not cheap but it is the best!
  2. Twin Mod – Fix the mids on the amp and get rid of that flabby bottom. This mod enables you to take all the mids out of the tone allowing more flexibility and versatility.
  3. Power Stiffening – Doubles the capacitance in the first filter stage, this reduces hum and increases reserve power for solid bass and strong picking, This mod gives the amp the extra torque it needs to push through strong when you are playing hard.
  4. Cooler Bias – Blue Jnr do not come with a variable bias… which means with the fixed resistance you are literally cooking the output tubes in your amp (Like half clutch on a car when full throttle). This important mod lets the amp run cooler without sacrificing tone and allow you to tune the amp with 100% perfect bias setting. Your tubes will last longer and perform its best.
  5. Input Jack (Cliff made in UK) – Your current input jack is soldered directly to the circuit board, apply some tension when the amp is plugged in and we have seen many cases where it has caused major damage to the circuit board in the amp. This mod gets rid of the wimpy plastic input jack and replaces it with a high quality Cliff UK jack that is panel mounted and NOT directly soldered to the circuit board. Included is a shoulder washer and isolation washer so the input jack does not ground directly to the chassis and prevents ground loops. This is the same quality you will find in high end boutique amplifiers costing thousands of dollars.
  6. Cathode follower mod – If you are looking for a more touch-responsiveness , increased clean headroom; the amp also takes pedals better. This mod utilizes the unused part of V2 preamp tube and goes just before the tone stack. This is mod can be complicated for the unfamiliar tinkerer, so leave it to us for best results.
  7. Electrolytic Cap Upgrade – Replaces all of the power filter and cathode bypass caps with high quality Filter Caps. Older Blues Jr’s that are made in the USA are all getting due to have their filter caps replaced and many of the current Blues Juniors made in Mexico are known to have leaky filter caps.
  8. Speaker Upgrade – Check with us for one of the best speakers made in the USA today. A favourite speaker among boutique amp manufacturers. This will be the final icing on the cake to bring the best out of this little gem.

Prices :

Package 1 – Basic – Includes Spec 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 – $150

Package 2 – Basic + 5 and 6 – $190 Package 3 – Basic + 5 , 6 and 7 – $250

Package 4 – Ultimate – All mods above that also include the the USA Speaker of choice loaded. – $470 (Note : Price may slightly vary to speaker choice )

WARNING: Performing these modifications WILL void the warranty on your amplifier. But we 100% guarantee all our work and pride ourselves in quality service!

We are also the authorised repair and service center for: Mesa Boogie BlackStar Gallien-Krueger Mark Bass Hughes and Kettner Ceriatone. All our staff have also been professionally trained in Marshall, Fender, Yamaha, Korg, Mackie, EV, Bose, Ampeg, Laney, Orange etc.

We also provide modification service on other amps so feel free to contact us for a quote.